We are currently working on a project to restore the pool and splash park at Graceada Park, and install a play structure at Enslen Park.  Partnering with the City of Modesto and the College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA), we are hoping to contribute to a bigger vision to revitalize these beautiful downtown parks.  Our goal is to have the pool and splash pad open by May 2018, and have the play structure installed during the Summer of 2019.

Graceada Splash Pad Opt3-final2.jpg

We are so excited!  We just received these 3D renderings of the splash pad that we are planning to install in Graceada Park this spring.  They fit the nautical theme we were dreaming of, and we hope it brings many hours of fun and play to the kids in our community.  It is truly the perfect way to honor Baby Ryan!

Graceada Splash Pad Opt3-final.jpg

Exciting news!  We just got the preliminary renderings back from Miracle Play Systems.  Check out the images below for the proposed play structure that would be put into Enslen Park.  


In the sketch above, the play structure we are planning to build would be contained within the "Community Clubhouse Garden Venue" in Enslen Park.  The funds will also be used to restore the pool in Graceada Park - see the "Aquatic Facility" above.  Below is a preliminary sketch of the play structure to be installed in Enslen Park.

lighthouse and lookout (1).png